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How I Spent My (East German) Summer Vacation

Kate Papageorge was a Collections Intern and will receive her master’s degree in Library and Information Studies this year from UCLA. As a Collections Intern at the Wende Museum, I had the pleasure of cataloging fascinating objects that represented aspects … Continue reading

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A diary between personal and working life – Das Brigadebuch

By Stefanie Kreibich The ”Brigadebuch” or ”Brigadetagebuch” was a diary that every collective in East German enterprises had to create yearly. The term ”Brigade” has its roots in the Russian language, where it draws its meaning as a unit of … Continue reading

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Three Wise Monkeys?: Marx, Engels, and Lenin

We recently acquired a statue featuring Karl Marx, Fredrich Engels, and Vladimir Lenin. This statue is inspired by the three wise monkeys, a maxim that we think of today as: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” with … Continue reading

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Aus meinem Leben

In addition to having objects ranging from busts to children’s toys to military uniforms, the Wende Museum has a large library. These books include works written in German, Russian, and English, as well as other languages, and cover a range … Continue reading

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Collected Fragments: Traces of the GDR

Fragments refer to what is left behind, broken, or has been isolated from lived reality. They reflect the imprint of time and memory. In the exhibition Collected Fragments, the idea of fragmentation is conveyed through three different levels. First, the … Continue reading

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A Sound like No Other: The Schalmei

Looking as if it could usher in the Last Judgment, this musical instrument actually plays a rather amiable part in the history of the GDR. Schalmei (shall-my) bands were formed in factories, communities, schools and paramilitary garrisons, and they also … Continue reading

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A Painter Remembered

In her memoir* of coming of age in East Germany just before the Wende, Jana Hensel observes, “There is hardly any of us who does not have a stack of certificates or a pile of medals lying around in a … Continue reading

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