Reaching Zen in Times of Stress

I wanted to take a moment and create a post. I am currently researching women writers in the German Democratic Republic, but I wanted to highlight an artifact that was recently discovered. I wasn’t lucky enough to be the one to find the item (Anna usually finds the cool stuff), but I was so in love with it that I had to write about it. It is a music box, similar to ones that exist today, except today they usually have a dual function: playing music and holding jewelry. Another thing that I really loved about this particular music box was its style. It’s so unfeminine, unlike almost any music box you will find today. It’s small and wooden, and actually looks more like a radio or one of those old television sets. Instead of the typical dancing ballerina or other girly figurine normally found, there is a little sailor in a sailboat, which fits so perfectly with the soothing music that emanates from the box.
Not only is this one of the cutest items I have seen in my short stint at the museum, it is also one of the coolest. I found myself playing the music throughout the day because it had such a calming effect.
I realize that this is probably the least serious post thus far, but I felt as though this particular item should still be shared. Sorry it was so delayed in actually being published – I actually forgot that I had saved it only as a draft.

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